Luxembourg, 11/01/2018

The Annual General Assembly (GA) Meeting of Members of the PMI Luxembourg Chapter was held on Thursday, 11 January 2017 at PwC Luxembourg premises, reviewing the accomplishments of the Chapter during 2017 and signifying the beginning of a very ambitious new year.



2017 PMI Luxembourg Chapter’s Review 

Liane ELBERTSEN, former and current president of the PMI Luxembourg chapter

The Project Management Institute, Luxembourg Chapter wished all members a happy and successful New – projects - Year, and welcomed the newly elected board members for 2018.

The chapter is pleased to announce it exceeded its membership growth (30% increase rate vs 20% target) and retention targets (71% vs 66%) in 2017.

We are also excited to announce that the chapter secured the sponsorship from 8 organisations throughout the country to support the Project Management Professionals community to expand their knowledge by supporting and sharing with each other and by learning from their peers. In this frame, the PMI offered 12 events and launched 3 new initiatives in 2017. These were possible thanks to the active engagement of 15 volunteers who were and remain the lifeblood of the PMI and the Chapter.

We would like to thank Stephane Louis, Director of Marketing and Communications, for his commitment and contribution to the Chapter since 2016. Stephane has been the driving force for many events, press releases, the revamping of our website and much more.


Ratification of Elected Candidates for 2018

Ousseni SORGHO, representing the Elections Committee (D. MORMONT & O. SORGHO)

This year, the positions of Director of Membership and Volunteers and Director of Finance and Sponsorship were split into separate positions to allow a greater focus on development of volunteer opportunities and drive greater sponsor engagement.

All PMI Luxembourg Chapter members in good standing and member since at least 15 September 2017 present ratified the elected candidates to form the new Board:

The new Board Members of 2018 are:

  • President: Liane Elbertsen (term: two years)
  • Vice-President & Secretary: Karl-Heinz Rossler (term: one year)
  • Director of Sponsorship: Jas Madhur (term: one year, continuation of the term started as Director of Finance & Sponsorship)
  • Director of Finance: Antonios Kasotakis (term: two years)
  • Director of Volunteers: Saskia Van Dyck (term: one year, continuation of the term started as Director of Membership and Volunteers)
  • Director of Membership: Mario Palladino (term: two years)
  • Director of Marketing & Communication Athanasios Karageorgiadis (term: two years)
  • Directors of Events: Todor Georgiev and Samy Mzabi (term: two years)


Financial report 2017

Jas MADHUR, Former Director of Finance and current Director of Sponsorship

Declaration of the financials: Balance of 2016 and balance of 2016. Amounts received from PMI and sponsors. Amounts spent to organise the events, travel cost and leadership meetings.

We are happy to have Antonios join us to take responsibility of finances, allowing Jas to focus on securing more funding for the Chapter in 2018 to allow us to continue improving the activities and to conduct more events for the benefit of PM professionals.


Chapter’s plans for 2018

Karl-Heinz ROSSLER, Former and Current Vice-President & Secretary

In the year 2018, the PM Luxembourg chapter mainly going to focus on its mission to provide a platform to share knowledge, experiences and networking. To accomplish the mission, the following targets are set:

  • To conduct minimum 16h/year events allowing members to increase knowledge and experiences
  • To improve our offering in the Leadership area (supporting the balanced PDU requirements)
  • Find additional sponsors to improve revenue
  • Further develop Chapters’ cross border collaborations, broadly with the greater region
  • Compliance with general new EU data protection act

We are also happy to announce that the PMI registered Educational provider and our new Sponsor Threon ( offers a 15% discount to PMI Luxembourg Chapter members for project management training.


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Conclusion and announcement of the next event

Saskia VAN DYCK former Director of Membership and Volunteers and current Director of Volunteers

We would like to thank Bhavanee Ambati, Tiziana Zedda, Crista Filip, Dominique Mormont and Ousseni Sorgho for supporting the election process and the General Assembly event by taking the pictures and contributing to the press release, as well as the elections process held at the end of 2017.

We also thanks PWC for sponsoring the event and for their support.

The next event will be held in association with University of Luxembourg, on 30th January as of 17h30 at the University of Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg.


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Director of Marketing & Communication

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